Making Notes – Paint Chip Bookmarks

This is one of the quickest and cheapest little makes I can think of.

I’ve used the term “paint chips” because that is how they are most commonly referred to on the internet, but it is the American name.  Now, normally I wouldn’t use US English, but the problem is that I don’t know what the UK English equivalent would be – maybe paint sample cards?

Anyway, this is what I’m talking about – the little strips of card you find in DIY stores, printed with a selection of colours for you to take home and hold up to your walls when trying to choose what colour to paint them.

Paint Chips 1(Somewhere in that selection are the colours of my bedroom, by the way!)

I’m obviously not the first person to think of crafting with these colourful little beauties – there are many examples on the web.  (Quite a few have been gathered together here:  But I’ve not been quite so inspired by this type, which is what I find in most stores, because all the words on them get in the way rather.

So when I popped in to my local B&Q to check it out after a revamp, I was more than sensibly excited to find a fancy new style of paint chip to choose from (and yes, one of the rooms in my house is painted orange!)

Paint Chips 2

Now, this was quite a while ago, and they have been tucked away in a drawer for all that time.  Today when I was tidying up and found them, I couldn’t resist a mini crafting session.  Just a few minutes with some washi tape, adhesive ribbon, peel-offs and punches (including my trusty corner-rounder) and ta-dah, bookmarks!

Paint Chip Bookmarks

I don’t actually read many “real” books these days, having switched to a kindle some years ago.  But I know plenty of other people who are still non-digital so I won’t have any problems finding homes for these little pretties.

(Footnote: if you decide to craft with paint chips, whatever you call them, do be sensible about taking them from the store just for that purpose.  Many of the ideas can be achieved just as well with coloured card or paper.  Have a look here for some thoughts on the ethics of paint chip crafting: