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It’s been a while since I made a pair of these booties – the shop where I was selling them closed recently and I haven’t done any craft fairs since Christmas.

Until a few months ago, if anyone asked what I was knitting, the answer was almost certain to be “booties.” I first started with three colours – pink Mary-Janes for girls, blue boots for boys and brown boots for the unisex option. But I’ve since knitted them in lots more colours – quite a lot of green and cream, different shades of blue and pink, purple, dark brown, and even black.


Just for a change there have been pirate ones, bee ones, Christmas ones – complete with jingle bells – and even some red,white and blue ones for the Olympics.


In the last two years I calculate that I have knitted at least 160 pairs of little booties – and that is just the ones I have counted. That is a lot of booties!

It hasn’t been too much of a chore – they are small, relatively simple to knit, and they sell well. I’ve had fun choosing buttons for them, and working with different colours.

As a bonus, when I get near the end of each yarn ball, I put the leftovers in a bag, and in spare moments I turn them into granny squares. (I’m using Attic24’s Summer Garden pattern but I was too lazy when I started to change colours on every row, so the flowers don’t show as clearly as they do on her version. But I don’t mind that, I still like the way they look.). The plan is that eventually I will have enough squares to make a blanket for the bed in my work room (which is also our spare room.)

Last week I was feeling a bit rough, so allowed myself some sofa-and-daytime-tv time. I got out all the squares I have made and started adding an extra “edging” round. And now I know the finished size of the squares, I have worked out how many squares I will need to complete the blanket. Which is basically a lot more.


So I need more yarn ends, which means that this week I am back to knitting booties. If I can remember how to!